How to get Google Authorship for Thesis

Google have updated the new feature that it has included author’s Google plus profile info within search results and make the search engine more secure (Discontinued). For some reasons Google have stopped displaying authorship profiles in search results sure because of the some cons.

However, if you are blogger and want to have Google authorship verified for your blog, then follow this article. You should follow this article because this article limits to verify authorship for Thesis framework users only.

Note: Adding authorship to your blog in 2018 will do nothing because this feature was discontinued after 3-6 months.

Get Google Authorship for Thesis

In this way, people started looking for how to get Google authorship for your WordPress Thesis blog verified. There are many tutorials on getting Google Authorship within 14, 7,and 5 days but I myself use a very awesome and very effective way to get Google Authorship and do you know? What I really get the authorship within three days?

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Apologize for having no idea on how many days will it take to get Google Authorship for your Thesis using website/blog. No, as I haven’t use Thesis, please be patient.

From now get in to the topic. Here we are going to discuss about a plugin which adds a very easy method to verify the Google Authorship for your thesis using site.

google-authorship for thesis

Google Authorship for Thesis

This plugin adds Google Authorship for your Thesis theme just after setting it up on the right way. This plugin creates a new contact method called “Google Profile URL” in the WordPress user profiles screen, which adds a “rel=author” for the author byline, and adds a link for the Google+ profile on the author’s archive.

Suppose If you can’t do domain email verification just by adding your website link in your Google+ profile to establish authorship while you’re using Thesis, this plugin will more help you out from verifying your authorship from scratch.

Google Authorship for Thesis Usage

If there is any problem with verifying your authorship, before make sure you’ve added author name in your post byline, and Link to author name to archive selected under Thesis Design, Display Options and bylines. Make sure that you’ve added a link to your Google+ profile in WordPress user profile info.

Secondly login to Google+, go through your profile’s about tab and at the end of the page you’ll see contributor to and links section. In ‘contributor’s to’ section you have to add links of the sites where you’ve take part in the past and in Links you’ve to add your website link. Something like this:

Finally check everything just by visiting Google Rich Snippet testing tool to preview, how would your authorship showing in search results.

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