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StoryBook Tactics

Mercuryware - 20.22MB (Free)

Download StoryBook Tactics Free version PC software which is listed under Games RPG category and it requires 20.22MB free disk storage to install.

License: Free

Op. System: Windows

Category: RPG

Language: English

Author: Mercuryware

Security level: 91% safe

Size: 20.22MB

Downloads: 882

Date: 01.22.14

Signature (MD5): d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e


People who love adventures and want to do adventurous stuffs then this can serve as a treat for them. StoryBook Tactics is a turn-based SRPG where user play a group of adventurers and their aim is only one that is to save world from evil enemies, who has converted a large majority of adventurers to his cause. 


At this end, user will have to use this reduced group of adventurers plunge into your adventure. The gameplay is the classic one for SRPGs, what you can do is that you can move your group around a world map and whenever you get to a new area there will be a battle to participate in.

These battles are the heart of the game, and in these battles you have to fight so many different enemies who try to end your heroes' lives. As you continue winning the phases your characters will remain improving by and by until you finally face the final character which is necromancer. 


Storybook Tactics is a fun game to play with, it has some outdated graphics, but despite of it, it offers an entertaining enough gameplay to keep you hooked for hours and hours. In fact, it's an Xbox Live Arcade game that's come to PC and the best thing is that it is absolutely free. Download it and enjoy your adventures by this game.


StoryBook Tactics Free StoryBook Tactics Free StoryBook Tactics Free StoryBook Tactics Free StoryBook Tactics Free
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