Why You Should Use MKV Player

If you’re looking for a small, simple and a free video player made for MKV files specifically, then look no further. MKV Player is principally made for MKV files that allows you to see movies of those types automatically with just double-clicking. It is a simple and quick solution to your video playing issues. Interestingly, you can watch MKV files on your PC as well as the video and audio formats. So, this makes it very useful.

The software is known for its simplicity and basic functionality. Therefore, it suits the needs of a person who likes basic functionality and minimalist user interface. The user interface consists of a single window with some buttons including a playback button and a timeline to move along the video. More importantly, these buttons are non-standard and they feature words instead of typical symbols that you normally see. In other words, you see “play” instead of a right-pointing arrow. This makes it pretty unique as well. Also, it is easy to use as you can use the hot keys to control all playback. It’s not just simple and easy to use, but also very lightweight and does not consume many of your PC’s resources making it work faster without interruptions. Due to this, it is also perfectly suited for streaming online, to local networks and smart phones. Since it is open-source software, it won’t come off as a surprise to you if we tell you that it is cross-platform working for Windows, macOS, Linux, Symbian and even obscure operating systems like Haiku.

The best thing about this tool is that it aims to incorporate multiple streams of audio, video, subtitles, metadata chapters and menu elements within its format. Reliability cannot be questioned. This aspect of it makes it very likable and flexible to many users. Nowadays, there are many TV shows or movies in a specific language and everyone around the globe want to keep up with that so subtitles are a need in videos. Therefore, this is highly appreciated about MKV player and this is why you should give it a try as well. Not only that, but stereoscopic (3D) video files can be played in one version of the container. However, to view all the data available in MKV files, you’ll need an MKV media player. The good news is that there are plenty of MKV player downloads available online, but keep an eye out for the one that supports all features available in MKV file that you wish to play.

Apart from this, container formats can hold multiple media streams, but MKV goes an extra mile to provide instructions, tools and a platform for users. It’s a pretty sophisticated tool to play audio and video files with options and tools that are basic and will not cause a load on your PC. Though some useful options are hidden in the drop-down menu below the video screen, you can still make a little effort and use them. These include tweaking video speed, subtitle delay and file association.

Moreover, you can also create playlists from your files with ease which will be great for you if you already have a good collection of MKVs. MKV player will work best as a support for another program with more applications as it can be challenging to play files of different formats than MKV. Also, it is tested as a virus-free tool, which makes it more useful and safer to use. All in all, it makes a decent video player that gets the job done, is lightweight, free that includes all the basic functionalities that you’d need in a video player and does not lag.