Why You Should Use CSV Editor Pro

CSV Editor Pro is a tool preferred by and made for professionals who are working with CSV files. It is filled with a collection of tools and features that can save you time and effort. It includes rows and columns which can be deleted, rearranged, created and searched at your own will. So, you’ll be in control. In other words, it can help you in creating and editing CSV documents as the name suggests itself.

The user interface is very simple and intuitive, and a user guide is provided too which makes it very helpful to make the best use of its tools and features. With CSV Editor Pro, you can sort, filter, multiline edit, use graphing, search and replace, Unicode, undo and do much more, so don’t let the simple user interface mislead you into thinking that it is simplistic in functionality as well.

Some of the amazing features include, full set of tools for changing rows and columns like using insert, paste, copy, delete, duplicate and rearrange tools, tabbed document interface which means users can edit and view multiple files making it very convenient, full set of text editing tools like spell checking, regular expression, etc. and filter mode that hides all rows that do not meet a particular requirement. It also has some useful tools like bookmarks which can be managed and added with ease, screenshots of the window can be captured and copied to the clipboard as well.

Moreover, CSV Editor Pro supports ‘undo’ option for most tools, it supports an optional multiline editing mode where users can edit multiple lines of text in a specific cell, and it supports UTF-8 and 16 encoded files and Unicode characters, though for 8-bit you can choose a code page too.

Additionally, if all this wasn’t convincing enough for you, then you should know that CSV Editor Pro warns if any line of data has excessive or fewer fields, so you can head directly to a disrupted line and fix it by shifting cells right or left. Also, amongst the features, it also allows users to replace and search an entire table or single column and regular expressions are supported as well. Even if the files have different names, you can cut, copy or paste the CSV files to another. This makes it more useful. To ease the process more, it generates the CSV data into a graph where you can easily evaluate. Thereon, you can also export to HTML or deduplicate rows.

Another great thing about it is that it automatically creates a backup before overwriting a file and you can use the drag and drop feature of rows and text for your convenience. For a user who values convenience above all, would be delighted to read that they can delete or select multiple rows in one step and instantly zoom the interface using the hotkeys. Also, the tool provides a neat environment as the installation process is not very time consuming or troublesome. After the installation process has completed, you’ll become aware of the fact that the user interface is simplistic yet modern and anyone can use it easily, whether you are a newbie or a professional. As there are tons of user guides available, you can still look out for them in case you get stuck somewhere.

Therefore, it can be safe to conclude that CSV Editor Pro is an excellent tool packed with numerous features that are very useful for both beginners as well as professionals who are working with CSV files. It is an efficient, lightweight and well-rounded piece of software that you should definitely try.