Why You Should Use Advanced System Care Free

Advanced SystemCare Free is a PC optimization tool that is actually a suite of optimization tools. It includes everything that you would think of to keep your PC in shape including driver updates, defragmenters, one-click registry fixes and uninstallers. It speeds up, cleans and protects your system. It also protects your online privacy, so that makes it very useful too. Using this tool, you can repair your computer to make it work like brand new.

Firstly, you can start by scanning your PC and clean it by eliminating spyware and viruses, corrupted registry entries and removing unnecessary files which take too much space, thereby improving the computer performance as a whole. Moreover, you can use some very efficient tools available with this app including, care scan using which you can remove useless files and spyware. Secondly, you can use the protection tool to protect your browser from being hacked in any way. Thirdly, you can try the turbo boost for your PC which can increase its performance significantly. Lastly, you can reap the benefit from the app of displayed existing issues in your PC on which you can take actions against quickly before they create damage.

Apart from all this, it has an information center which offers advice on how to improve your PC’s performance. For example, installing an anti-spyware program. Also, it will show you old applications and drivers which need to be updated. This is a good thing as if you keep your apps updated your PC will be protected from certain vulnerabilities from web browsers and antivirus software. Therefore, it’s a feature-rich tool with cleaning and protection tools which are essential for your PC’s health. A great thing about it is that it offers a one-click fix. This means that all the users who dislike making a lot of efforts to clean their PC, they can use this one-click fix as they will not have to scroll through the list of options. This makes it very easy to use and saves a lot of time of users too.

It offers better system tune-up and deeper cleaning than any other cleaning software and is more user-friendly than any other with the one-click option. Furthermore, users will not have to be concerned about privacy once they have installed this app in their PC. All the sensitive and important data is safe with the new privacy shield and browser anti-tracking protection. No one wants to miss this especially in the era where cybercrime is so common and we all want to be safe from that.

Additionally, it is an award-winning and 100% free program to use to protect your personal data and digital fingerprints along with ending slowdowns, crashes and freezes in your computer. It has a software updater too, to assist you in updating important Windows software which we often tend to neglect. It keeps your PC error-free and lags free. Moreover, it has over 10,000,000 downloads since 2006, so it is safe to say that you should try this one out as it has been in the market for a long while now and can be trusted.

Interestingly, Advanced SystemCare Free will have a small widget in the interface at the top right of your screen to show you the current CPU and RAM usage. This is helpful in a sense that you can check it before and after a PC cleanup to see whether it was effective or how much impact it made on your PC. Though some users may find this to be distracting and if that is so, you can easily press ‘exit’ to avoid seeing that. Therefore, it’s a great software to try if you want to ease up space in your PC and improve its overall performance.