Why Should You Use Ashampoo Photo Commander?

Are you looking for a tool that can edit a picture, check or convert a picture, view a picture, organize, share or present collections along with audio and video playing capabilities? Then Ashampoo Photo Commander should be your go-to software since it covers all the above-mentioned tools.

It is an all in one and fully featured photo suite that not only lets you browse your photo collection but also lets you view a full-screen slideshow, albums, collages, cards and optimize images that need to be modified. With this useful tool, you’ll get to have a handful of filters and other effects to make attractive and original versions of your photographs. Some of the filters include pencil drawing, sepia, and oil painting. Moreover, it features an interface that is extremely well-designed and is divided into several tabs. Each tab serves for a specific purpose. Users will be able to browse images, edit or quick fix the images along with doing something innovative with the images and organize them in an efficient manner using the batch processing tools.

If all that is not convincing enough for you, then hear out more. It also has a wonderful array of photo-oriented tools which allow users to make most of the photo collection. It has been fixed for many errors and has become faster than ever now. You can zoom, enhance wizards, print easily, use effects and pick colors, use the compare mode and much more making it very comprehensive and useful to have. You’ll also have the benefit of using basic tools like cropping, resizing, adjusting colors, contrast, hue, and others apart from the advanced filters.

After applying all the fancy filters, you can head on to using the integrated creativity tools to turn your images into a slideshow with music or make a photo collage out of it. Another really great thing about it is that you can filter photos by city, country, street or even the street number! This makes the videos more memorable or is used for reference in the future.

To speak specifically, you can organize by importing pictures from cameras or scanners, add or edit image tags along with IPTC data, batch processing tools, and conversion tools, rename files or even move/copy or delete images easily. This helps to avoid clutter, which usually happens in most software. Furthermore, with the editing tools, as mentioned earlier, you can optimize and enhance the look of the pictures using a variety of effects and skin settings to make them look more attractive and appealing, here you unleash your inner creativity using all the artistic tools provided to you. Additionally, you can use the presentation tools in a way to either create a slideshow out of it or turn them into albums, calendars or collages. Lastly, you can share your work on various social media platforms like Facebook, Picasa and YouTube with your friends and family. This helps to create and share your memories. Since social media is all about posting pictures and videos to keep your loved ones updated, you can do this with ease using this amazing tool.

You can make your projects stand out using the benefit of working with 3D images and you can even go back in time and can reverse the changes through the integrated backup feature. It is a quick, easy and fun tool to experiment even for beginners. Also, you can turn your pictures into stunning miniature scenes with Tilt-Shift tool and load, save or view Adobe XMP metadata information which makes it very useful yet again. Therefore, you can use this tool to present with perfection, add or use geotagging, organize a huge collection and enjoy a touch screen support too in Windows versions.