Why You Should Use 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is a brilliant tool built on Qihoo technology. It is completely free to use and has a very impressive, modern, simple yet intuitive user interface. It is available in many languages including, French, English, Italian, Chinese, Polish, German, Spanish and Japanese, making it easy to understand for the majority of the groups in the world. It is not only able to perform necessary security functions, but also allow ease of use to its users which is a very good reason to consider using this software. Whether you are online or offline, this tool comes to your PC’s rescue at all times making it extremely useful in an era where cyber offenses and hacking are prevalent.


Moreover, you should download this software because it serves as a unified solution to all your PC security and performance concerns. It has a “full check” using which, you can test the condition of your PC in a matter of minutes and optimize it with just one click, making it very flexible and convenient to use as it is not very time-consuming. Some of the major features it has to offer include, firstly, the virus scan. This virus scan is an award-winning antivirus engine from Avira, Bitdefender, 360 Cloud Scan Engine and many others. It allows users the ultimate virus detection and malware/threat protection. This proves that it’s a very reliable tool to use and that it will never disappoint you. Secondly, it offers a “Clean-up” service which basically consists of freeing up space by removing junk files and unnecessary plugins to make the PC performance optimal. Thirdly, it has a “Speed-up” feature that optimizes your system in a way that it makes your PC to run faster. These are all the many reasons to opt for this powerful software that is feature-rich and highly recommended for your PC.

Apart from all that, you can enjoy the benefit of useful tools available in the Toolbox. These include Game Booster that allows amazing gaming experience for PC users, making this tool a treat for all the gamers out there. It also has a 360 TurboVPN that allows protection when you surf the internet and unblock some sites which are geographically restricted, so that’s good news as well. That’s not all, this software has Connect 3.0 which helps you fix PC problems from your phone of your family and friends. Additionally, if you want to see more, you can upgrade to a premium account where you get an ad-free experience, a stylish theme, and discounts, and let’s face it, we all fall for those fringe benefits.

Furthermore, using its enhanced, new feature of Real-time Protection, 360 Total Security stops viruses and malware before they even reach your PC. It can stop various attacks and threats and is designed to assist users’ systems to be run smoothly without any errors or mishaps. So, it’s a tool which has antivirus protection, download protection, online shopping protection, browser protection, USB drive protection, webcam protection, layered protection, data hijacking protection as well as chat protection.

Basically, your go-to software for all kinds of protection. If that is not all for you, then hear out more. You’ll have the benefit of an enhanced user interface, computer speedup, junk files cleanup and WIFI router protection using this tool. All these unlimited features make it a keeper. Especially because unlike many other antivirus tools, it is lightweight and does not put a load on your CPU or slow down your PC performance, instead optimizes it.