Uninstall Windows 10 Apps Using Revo Uninstaller

How to Uninstall Windows 10 Apps Using Third-party Uninstaller

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Windows 10 is an extremely convenient and efficient OS, designed to provide ease to users. When you compare it to older version of Windows, you’ll know how far Microsoft has come. However, there are somethings that might still prove to be cumbersome for most of the casual users. For instance, understanding individual Apps on your Windows 10 PC. The process can be really tedious and time-consuming.

In order to better understand individual apps and stray away from the traditional uninstaller, the Revo Uninstaller comes into play. It is one of our favorite Uninstaller utility, and we highly recommend it to our users, especially if you want to remove a software or app from your Windows 10 PC completely.

Revo Uninstaller is extremely useful. Before jumping the boat thinking that the default installer will do the job of uninstalling apps, then we would like to bring it to your attention that whenever you use the default uninstaller, it leaves behind a lot of remnants of the app’s code and temp files. The leftovers of the software or application keep on stacking up in your PC, taking up a decent amount of space overtime. And at times, they might even conflict with other applications, leading to an unstable, crash and bug-prone system.

With that being, today we are going to help you out. In this article, we will guide our users on how they could uninstall their Windows 10 Apps using Revo Installer.

First of all, you need to head out to the web and download Revo Uninstaller (Freeware). Here’s the download link for you. After installing the software, run the application.

Immediately after the app launches, you’ll notice how Revo Uninstaller lists applications all in one column for better and easier management. Similar to the File Explorer of Windows 10, you can sort the files by type, size, install date, or other criteria. Then, simply select the Windows 10 app you wish to delete, and hit the uninstall button. Here’s how it’ll look like:

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Similar to uninstalling other desktop programs, Revo Uninstaller creates a restore point before removing the app completely and scan for leftovers. Here’s a look:


And that’s about it. You’re good to go now.

After removing the app completely, Revo Uninstaller even provides the user a list of the leftover elements of the program/ application, spread across an array of directories, also providing you with a list of leftover registry keys for you to delete.

The free version of Revo Uninstaller is absolutely perfect for most individuals, but if you desire something more, the Pro version is also there with a free trial period as well.

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