How to Use UnHackMe to Remove Malware

Antivirus is a popular Windows tool that you’ll find in every device or PC, however, rootkits hide in a place where not even antivirus or anti-malware can help you detect them. A rootkit is a malware that is similar to a trojan. It hides all its tracks and opens backdoors and allows external intruders to access your PC with privileges which are highly unsafe. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate such malware using specialized rootkit removing tool such as UnHackMe.

UnHackMe is a software which can be used as a complement to your antivirus to eliminate rootkits from your system. It can detect and remove them easily. It is a specialized tool for removing rootkits, but the developer of UnHackMe also claims that it can remove viruses, adware, spyware, trojans, backdoor programs and other unnecessary programs. Moreover, it allows users to scan for rootkits on Windows boot and has a registry guard component which protects registry from changes, making it pretty useful for everyone.

A great thing about it is that it can create a system restore point before removing or cleaning anything so that you do not lose your data in this process. Also, you can create a Hijack-like log using this tool which you can send to others for troubleshooting. UnHackMe also features an active monitor which stays on in the background to give protection that is very similar to live protection provided by typical antivirus software. Therefore, these types of malware are very hard to detect and can invade your privacy so, software like UnHackMe are exclusively devoted to helping you in detecting and getting rid of them in an easy way.

It has a very user-friendly and simple interface which basic functionalities mentioned in the main window. It allows users to locate suspicious processes which may be working behind your screen. An interesting and a different thing about UnHackMe is that it scans the system at startup and notifies users of suspicious processes which they are trying to run normally instead of analyzing the process when the users are running it. So, this saves a lot of time for users. You can try it out using the 30-days trial for free. It is compatible with many antivirus tools including AVG, AVAST, McAfee, Malwarebytes, TrendMicro, Kaspersky, BitDefender, Sophos, Comodo, DrWeb, Emsisoft, ESET-NOD32, Panda and many more.

Also, it updates time to time by the Russian company and the latest version even has rootkits like ZeroAccess and TLD rootkits which are generally installed without any prior user knowledge. However, it includes no free tech support and after the free trial, you’ll have to buy it otherwise you won’t be able to use it. Another drawback of it is that the scanning process requires you to wait and click buttons to proceed to each next step, so you cannot start a scan then forget about it and come back to scan results. This can become a hassle for many users. However, the benefits do overweigh the drawbacks so you should not let this software slip away like that.

To help you use this great software, below are some steps you should follow to get rid of malware:

Step 1 – Launch UnHackMe

Step 2 – Click on “Check Me Now”

Step 3 – Choose the “Anti-malware 1-minute” option

In this step, you can choose the on-line Multi-Antivirus 5 minutes too if you are online, if not then you can opt for the Anti-Malware 1-minute option. Therefore, it offers to run a quick scan (1 minute) or a full scan (5 minutes), so it depends on how you want to use it. The results are organized across multiple tabs in UnHackMe, which is a great thing about it.