How To Use SUMo Software To Manage Software Updates

You download many types of software on your PC without ever installing an available update first. This is just because no one wants to deal with the hassle of installing updates for each and every program. This is where SUMo Software comes in handy. It is useful, especially for Windows users. SUMo Software helps Windows users to keep all programs up to date with the latest software updates. However, not all Windows programs support update checking. On the other hand, programs such as SUMo Software helps users to scan for outdated programs and can be used to update them so that it is updated with the latest software.

SUMo Software works for all recent versions of Windows. It is well-structured in a way that it displays each program installed on your PC, but it separates them into categories. These categories include programs that require minor updates and programs that require major updates. You can skip updates for days, weeks or even forever until you no longer see that it requires an update (as they can be restored from Tools menu). Moreover, if you are skeptical of the detected programs, you can right-click on it for options where you can access its installed location. Additionally, to make it more convenient for you, SUMo allows you to create an alternate folder in which you can scan for outdated software. This is especially useful if you have a portable software on some other external drive as you can check for updates using drag and drop option for EXE file into the program. Lastly, the results of a scan will be presented in an excel sheet or a text file.

Therefore, it is a great tool to find almost all your outdated software and update them with the latest version which can make them work more efficiently for you. With SUMo, you can detect numerous programs, check for beta updates, view version numbers for updates and it is very easy to use and read too. Most importantly, it has a portable version available too. However, some of the drawbacks of it are that it does not check for updates on a schedule, so you’ll have to do that manually. Also, searching for outdated software can be time-consuming if you have a lot of programs installed on your computer.

There are some simple steps to assist you in fast software updates using this software which are mentioned as follows:

Step 1 – Schedule SUMo

You won’t really be able to make the best use of this tool unless you actually use it. So, to do that, you’ll have to schedule the program to appear on your screen in regular intervals, for example, once a week. If you do this, you can also pick a time when you can wait out the process and test it beforehand.

Step 2 – Scan your System with SUMo

Once you are done with Step 1, this software will pop up on your screen at the scheduled time. Thereon, you will have to press the “scan” button to let SUMo detect all the installed programs on your PC. This generally happens in a matter of seconds. You will also have the option to re-scan at any given time, but that is not of much use as SUMo remembers previous scans and loads the list every time you use it.

Step 3 – Check for Software with SUMo

In Step 3, you are required to press the “check button” and then wait patiently. You can come back to see after 3-5 minutes to see which software needs to be updated. In this step, you will either get a green check, indicating your programs are up-to-date or a yellow star which means a minor update is available. However, it can also show you the warning triangle which means need to take actions for a major update.

Step 4 – Get Updates

You can organize your results by Update, mark all programs that you would want to be updated and press the “get update” button. SUMo will show you a website that breaks down all latest updates (even the older versions) including the percentages of how many people use them, for each of your installed programs. Beta releases are marked and popular installs are highlighted in green. All of this information will help you decide whether you want that update or not.

Step 5 – Find and Download Updates

A drawback of SUMo is that it does not automatically download updates for you, you will have to do that manually in this Step 5. The good news is that it is fast and hurdle-free. You may use one of the suggested file host or search Google. For example, a standard tool like Skype is easily updated, as the relevant update is found easily and quickly.