How To Use Round Robin Mailer?

Round Robin Mailer is a software, product of Gammadyne Corporation, developed by Microsoft for Windows based computers. The program supports English language and is available for only Windows operating system (all versions). It is particularly designed for professionals which is beneficial for wide network of people. Round Robin Mailer connects directly to a main mail server, reads all emails and forwards each one to a member of the staff in a rotating fashion. Basically, the main function of the program is to automatically distribute emails among staff in a rotating form. Also, it can work with any email account, and can generate statistical reports.

There are so many decent features incorporated with the program including; it receives emails from main mail servers which works just like an email client. It doesn’t require to install it on a server. But it can be installed on the desktop of the person who administers it. Likewise, sends email by means of SMPT, direct conveyance bolstered, slug confirmation dependability, produces measurements report for every individual from the staff and considerably more. Additionally, the most conspicuous element is that, a staff part can be effectively marked “Unavailable” to prohibit them from getting messages. Close by, there is an alternative to set work routine for each staff part with the goal that they won’t get messages out of the calendar. Aside from this, there is another component of Permanent Relationships, on the off chance that you empower that alternative, messages will be sent to the initially picked staff part. However, there are a number of features built-in with the program. Once you download it, you will explore its more features that are purposefully included for organizational use.

There are a large number of agencies, startups and enterprises in which ‘Round Robin Mailer’ is the most commonly used software these days. Understanding the need and significance of the program, we decided to choose this theme to guide you in this regard.

In this tutorial, you will learn the method of installing the ‘Round Robin Mailer Software’ on your desktop computers.

Note: Round Robin Mailer is available in both free and paid versions. However, minor upgrades are free, major upgrades cost 1 activation.

How To Use Round Robin Mailer?

In order to use this software, first you have to download the setup file of the program from the given link.


Once you download the setup file, Double-click the downloaded setup file to start the installation. When you done with installation, you can click on icon and use it. As you see manual installation is easy but for more understanding, we are going to show you its interface along with its features & uses. This would help you to know how it works.

In this image, you can see the ‘Staff’ tab which is used to select those members of the staff that will receive forwarded emails.

In this image, you can the ‘Mail Server’ tab is utilized to indicate the email accounts from which emails are downloaded from.  It additionally contains settings that influence how the messages are sent retreat.

Next is ‘Settings’ tab which contains overall program settings that helps to use all the features of the software.
Another one is ‘Rules’ tab which contains some standards to abrogate the handling of particular emails.


The next one is “Modifications” tab which is used to make variations to the forwarded emails.
The “Report” feature is most useful which is used to show statistical data about the number of emails forwarded over time.
The “View Archive” window permits you to analyze the archived emails including received and forwarded emails.
The “Compose” window enables you to manually send a lead to a staff member.
We hope that this instructional exercise will assist you with learning about Round Robin Mailer software. Be that as it may, this guide would be an incredible assistance for experts.