How To Use KCleaner ?

CCleaner represents Crap Cleaner– which is a software used to clean your computer by removing all the unwanted files and invalid registry entries. It was particularly designed for Microsoft, developed by Piriform (a company acquired by Avast in 2017). It was initially launched in the year 2004 for Windows based computers only, but later on, MacOS version was released in 2012. Afterward, the software was purposefully designed to run identically on different platforms such as; Windows XP & its other versions, MacOS, X Snow Leopard & others, and Android mobile operating system. However, it’s an absolutely free software which supports 58 languages. After successfully release of different versions, CCleaner introduced its alternatives which provides the similar services to its users. And one of the best alternative of CCleaner is KCleaner.

 KCleaner is a free and proficient tool that used to clean hard drive of a computer quickly and efficiently. Also, it runs in the background and smoothly perform its tasks such as; it deletes jargon from your hard drive and cleans your system perfectly to secure it.

KCleaner presented in two forms; the first is Basic and the other one is Professional. In the basic version’s interface, you will locate a little window with least data and rules for amateur. This data will enable you to out in such manner. While, in the professional rendition’s interface, you will discover the rundown of every superfluous component recognized recently showed. You can choose those that you need to expel from your PC. Apart from this, KCleaner gives you to set a planned time to clean your PC.

Moreover, KCleaner has three default options, such as; the first one is- Analyze, Clean & Shutdown, the second one is- Analyze, Clean & Close, and the last one is- Analyze, Clean & Reboot. Alongside, KCleaner is loaded with a plethora of decent features that makes the stand out. There is an extensive range of customization options and automation features, junk cleaner, and more. Also, you can manually run the scan and clean all the temporary files from your PC. Even there is an automatic mode which runs in the background to clean your hard drive by removing useless files quickly. You can remove Recycle Bin, Apple Installer Cache, Sun/ Java installer Cache, Some other installer caches, Dr. Watson Logs, Temporary files Cookies, Web Browser Caches ,Windows Log Files, DynDNS Logs,  ,Windows Live Cache ,Windows Defender history and others.

Additionally, ‘The Expert Mode’ allows you to view all the details of the files that you want to delete, and also it tells you about the space occupied by that single file.

Additionally, ‘The Expert Mode’ allows you to view all the details of the files that you want to delete, and also it tells you about the space occupied by that single file. Furthermore, the junk file cleaner, records each task perform by it, in the form of log files. Logs are easily accessible that you can even delete them as well.

In the settings, you can see a list of various languages available that you can select according to your region. The user interface is friendly and straight forward. So, you don’t need to take extra steps. What’s more, it doesn’t include a Registry Cleaner, and others tools, as it focus on every byte of your computer to clean it effectively.

How To Use KCleaner?

Installation Method

First of all, you will have to download the KCleaner Software from the link given below.


If you’re not careful, you may install toolbars and other software you don’t want, so be sure to read each install screen carefully. When the install is finished, you’ll be introduced to KCleaner.

Then, you need to remove all jargon files,caches and temporary files as shown in the list below.

When you use first time KCleaner, it will open its Settings. And you have to select a language according to your region, startup settings and data security. in this step, you can choose the unwanted files, folders, and caches that you want to remove. Then ‘Save’ your settings to get started with KCleaner.

Now, you’ll be introduced to the main interface for KCleaner. Where you will see an Options that yuo can check it. Click “Show files.”

Then, click “Analyse.”

This will start the process of analyzing your system for removing the unwanted files, folders, caches from your computer. It will take some time according to the number of jargon files. When its completely done, you can check the results and choose want you want to delete, or you can just Clean to delete everything selected.

See… How simple and easy to use KCleaner.