How To Update Computer’s Drivers With Driver Booster 6 Manually ?

How To Update Computer’s Drivers With Driver Booster 6 Manually ?

Windows based computers automatically checked and updated the drivers through Windows updates, but sometimes they get outdated. You know what’s the reason behind it? It is simply just because, when you turn off the Windows updates. Shocked?????

Now-a-days, this practice is common among all. However, we can a large number of people who are habitual of this. Remember that, turn off the Windows updates can cause irreversible damage to the system. So, avoid it.

For this purpose, today we come up with another useful guide that will help you to boost your device drivers easily. In order to keep your computer safe, you can download the Driver Booster Software for free.

Driver Booster Software is a product of IOBit – a company founded in 2004, focused to develop PC optimization, security software and performance optimization tools. So, the IOBit introduced a powerful Driver Updater Program that you can run on Windows operating system for absolutely free. Also, it supports all versions of Windows such as; 7, 8, 8.1 10 Windows Vista and Windows XP. What’s more, it automatically check and update your system’s drivers on a daily basis. You can download and update all the drivers by the single tap of mouse.

Driver Booster 6 is one of the well-known driver update tools comes with 2.5 million device drivers from Intel, Nvidia, AMD, game components and more. Also, it will give you an accurate update and improves your overall system’s performance. Additionally, it offers you to view system information and fix device issues as well. Furthermore, it has a capability to scan automatically when you launch a program or connect a device. Or you can update drivers one by one or all at once with a single tap of mouse. And it easily remove Unwanted Programs, Bundleware, Windows Apps & Plug-ins. However, it’s one of the great tools which help you out in this regard.

How To Download Install Driver Booster Software?

Step- 1 – Driver Booster 6 – Manually Installation

In order to use this software, first you have to download the setup file of the program from the given link.


Once you download the setup file, Double-click the downloaded driver_booster_setup.exe to start the installation.

Step-2- Update Driver Booster

FREE users can manually update Driver Booster 6 with either of the options below:

  • Click the menu icon on the top left and select Check for Updates.
  • Right-click the icon in the system tray, and select Check for Updates.

The Driver Booster Software is available in both free and paid versions. However, in the paid version, Drivers will be automatically checked and updated. While in the free version, users will have to update it manually.

In this article, we guided you about the free installation of Driver Booster Software that liked by everyone. Driver Booster program is easy to use and even you can download it easily. Whether, the paid version is much complicated to download and use. Also, it requires a licence key to activate the Pro version that you have to purchase it in order to use the Pro version of Driver Booster Software.

Majority of users lookup for free choices to add it in favorites. So, considering this point, we guided you to download and install Driver Booster Software Free version with easy-peasy steps.

So, you can try it for free. And do let us know about your experience.