How to Unlock Xiaomi Mi 9T’s Bootloader

How to Unlock Bootloader on the Xiaomi Mi 9T

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Xiaomi has always seemed to impress their audience, especially, over the past few years. Their smartphones, specifically, have gotten better and better and better! Not only that, in the time that we’re living today, and the trend of inflation, going upward, buying flagship-grade phones, couldn’t have been much harder. However, smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi look to change that, by offering flagship phones, in prices, way below the competitors, the likes of whom include Apple and Samsung. While flagship prices are getting sky-rocketed, year-by-year, Xiaomi has stepped up, by proving that they can offer flagship devices, in sub $500 price tag, or even below. See the Pocophone F1, form yesteryear, the Xiaomi Mi 9 from this year. Even their highly innovative line-up, the Mi Mix, isn’t that expensive.

Similar is the case for the Xiaomi Mi 9T. The phone offers ‘almost flagship’ level specs, in an extremely competitive price tag. The Xiaomi Mi 9T is, essentially, a rebranded Redmi K20, for the international launch, and the phone has already hit waves in the market.

The best part about the manufacturer, is perhaps, the brand’s willingness to allow their community to modify their phones. Other smartphone manufacturers have also implemented this, but sooner or later, the phone gets locked-down. Take Huawei as an example, if the company simply allowed its users to unlock their device’s bootloader, then all that Google Ban wouldn’t have been taken, as seriously so (even though the issue is resolved now).

Moving back to the Mi 9T, since we talked about the company’s willingness to allow their community to modify their devices, we have decided to guide you, on how to unlock the bootloader of the Xiaomi Mi 9T.

Before we jump into the process, let me enlighten you on what an unlocked bootloader is. Although the term explains itself, quite well, an unlocked bootloader is a program that starts whenever a device is powered to activate the right operating system. For Android, in specific, it is the bootloader that determines when to run Android or when to enter Recovery mode.

The bootloader, itself, allows you to install custom ROMS, taking full control of your Android Devices, removing all the bloat that comes along, with the devices, in the form of skins on top, and even though MIUI has improved, over the years, the skin is still filled with a bunch of bloatware, that you’d want to get rid of.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump right into the process:

  1. Enable Developer Mode on your device (Settings > About Phone > Tap Build Number 7 Times)
  2. Enable USB Debugging, by toggling through the Developer mode
  3. Head over to the Mi Unlock Site and select ‘Unlock Now’ option to apply for the process, by filling in all the prompted details
  4. The process will take 3 to 4 days until you receive the approval via email
  5. Download and Extract the ‘Mi Flash’ tool on your PC
  6. After extracting, open ‘MiFlashUnlocl.exe’ file from the folder and agree to all conditions, therein
  7. Open up the ‘Mi Unlock Tool’ and sign in with the same Mi Account you logged in on the Mi 9T
  8. Reboot your Device into the ‘Fastboot Mode’ (Press Volume Down + Power)
  9. Connect your Mi 9T to your PC

10. The Mi Unlock tool will now show you the ‘Unlock Now’ option, tap on that

11. Upon completion of the process, you will be displayed the following message: ‘Your device bootloader is unlocked’

12. Restart your device and enjoy it!

Finally, you have an unlocked bootloader for the Xiaomi Mi 9T. Bear in mind that the process is a bit lengthy, but it’s definitely worth it if you want a full-fledge, bloat-free Android experience.

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