15 Free 2D or 3D Logo Maker Windows Software in 2019

A brand of any kind is always represented by a logo. A logo makes customers remember the brand. Though there are a lot of factors affecting a business’ success like quality or service, a logo is essential as it gives the brand a unique visual identity which is recognizable anywhere. So, whenever you see a black arrow, it will remind you of Nike or whenever you see Golden Arches, they will remind you of McDonald’s.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential that the logo you design, is attractive, easily remembered and specific to your brand. To do this, you will need a good logo making software or a professional designer if you have a budget. We have compiled a list of 15 free 2D and 3D logo makers for Windows. So, do read on if you are looking for one.

1. LogoMaker

First on our list is LogoMaker. It is a free and efficient online tool to design logo, create or download it. It is a good choice for beginners as the website contains useful information as to how to design a logo. This tool is best for small businesses or new start-ups looking for a freeware to create their own logo. The only requirement to use it is to create an account as a user and then head on to enjoy its free services for the first six logos.

However, after that, you can pay for its plan with a nominal fee. Moreover, you only need to follow four steps to create a unique logo and those steps include, firstly, to provide your company name and type. Thereon, you can choose a design and customize it with fonts and colors. Finally, you can then save your logo using your email and password.

This tool has been used by more than three million entrepreneurs and has been around for over a decade now. You can choose from over ten thousand icons and then save and build unlimited logos in your account for free. Another bad thing about it is that you will have to pay a fee when you download the high-resolution file.

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2. Renderforest

Renderforest is what we have for you next. It is a free logo animation maker which has many interesting features. It offers a range of different animations and you can select any suitable one for your video or presentation. Moreover, you can give your own logo or image animated effects powered by Renderforest which will make your logo stand out from the rest in the market.

Using this tool, you can take advantage of the large variety of unique logo animation designs it has to offer, ranging from liquid splash logo, glass logo to shattering logo and many more. This means you can put your creativity into effect using this tool. The best part is that your logo animation will be done in minutes only so it is not time-consuming at all. Another great thing about it is that you can add 3D effects as well.

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3. Tube Arsenal

Another great tool for logo designing is Tube Arsenal. This is a highly efficient tool to assist you in making your logo in a very easy way. The best thing about this tool is that it takes no special requirements for designing skills so, even beginners can use it. Also, it is available all the time for use and your logo can be created using three easy steps.

Moreover, you can choose from a variety of animation options which are available with this online 3D animation logo maker, so there is a lot of room for customization. Lastly, it offers quick and unlimited previews which means you can tweak or edit your logo for errors or betterment, making it a very useful tool overall.

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4. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is the fourth one on our list and it makes a very powerful logo animation maker aiming to give the finishing touch to your videos by adding eye-catching intro. It could be a logo intro or a video intro, Adobe Spark can make it look very creative for you. It is easy to use and an online tool, so you will not have to download it.

Also, your work can be saved in your account made in Adobe Spark. The effects and fonts are pre-made which are suitable for various circumstances. You’ll have the liberty to pick any photo from the web or locally to get started with your work. Moreover, professional themes are also available in this animation maker and you can play around with fonts, icons, texts, and colors using this tool.

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5. Animaker

Animaker is another great tool to make your logos shine out and look animated in your video or presentation. This tool offers animated logo making in very simple and easy steps. Moreover, it comes with a drag and drops option within its interface which makes it incredibly easy for users to make the best use of it quickly. Also, users can reap the benefit of choosing from 20 various templates to make an animated logo. Lastly, you can add effects or music to your projects which makes it very interesting and fun for many users.

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6. Quince Media

The sixth one in our list is Quince Media. Similar to other tools mentioned in this list, Quince Media is also a tool for which you do not have to spend money as it is completely free. It is known to be a great free logo animation maker and you’ll have to upload your logo image in vector or PNG format only. However, the tool is feature-rich consisting of not only logo animation videos, but also product animated demos and full-scale architectural 3D visualizations and camera fly by animations.

Moreover, it comes from a company that offers services in 3D animated video creation. Better yet, you can add the moon to sandy to sunset effects and design to your logo animation which will make it look very unique in the industry.

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7. Intro Maker

Yet another logo maker which allows users to create an animated business logo in a creative and effective way. It also works well by making your YouTube channel’s logo look more professional by making it seem very appealing. So, it is a very useful tool to consider getting your hands on. Moreover, it is able to create an animated logo in seconds with a few clicks and there are intros catalog from which you can choose the preferred one for your logo. Also, users can either use free intro or opt for a premium paid version instead.

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8. Make Web Video

Make Web Video is also known to be one of the best online logo animation tools available out there in this tool you can modify color and tempo of the videos along with adding cool designs too. Moreover, many users claim that it is equivalent to an expensive software as it operates professionally. Finally, you do not need any advanced knowledge to use this tool as the process gets done in seconds. So, it is very easy to use as well.

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9. Design Free Logo

Design Free Logo is another cool logo making tool which is free and is able to create 3D animated logos online. This means you won’t have to put a heavy load on your computer by downloading it, making it very useful. You can look up for 3D logo samples from the gallery which is readily available or choose an appropriate logo for your brand. You’ll also have the option to create one yourself of your own from the presets that the web app has to offer. Moreover, even novice users can easily customize or create their own 3D logos according to their own requirements.

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10. PixTeller

Don’t judge if this one is on the 10th rank in our list, because PixTeller is an excellent animated logo maker which assists users in making a unique custom video animated logo for their own brand or business. It has an interface which is very similar to Adobe Flash. Also, it is intuitive and simple to create motion for any element of the logo.

Moreover, PixTeller has a frame by frame timeline that assists you in creating motion between two frames of the same element as well as offering you 100,000+ shapes and over 130 fonts to choose from when you create your logo. There are many free templates which can be used by users to customize their logos to make them unique and attractive.

Additionally, this tool has unique filters like a shadow, line height, warp, concave, pixelate, skew effects and many others that come in handy when designing a logo. You can download your work in either MP4 format or GIF format.

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11. Motionden

Motionden is a nice tool for animated logo making which is user-friendly too. It’s a good choice for beginners who can use this tool to create logo animation with a lot of ease. There are so many templates to choose from including fire red, serenity, dark smoke and more. Moreover, it is cloud-based which means users can use this tool on any device as it can be made available in all of them. Be it a PC, laptop, tablet or a smartphone, Motionden works on all making it very convenient and flexible.

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12. Canva

Canva is known to be the best graphic design tool website that is also used for logos as well as many other design projects. It is free to use and has been in the market for a while now. It offers free as well as pad templates for social media business cards, flyers or media images. You can get started by using one of their free templates and then changing the text, font or color to match your brand. It has a drag and drop editor which is very easy to use and sleek with professional layouts. So, it makes a good choice for professionals and may not be a wise choice for beginners.

Moreover, the templates are of high quality so the logos made with this tool look more professional and not cheap in any way. You can also add logo templates with the drag and drop feature in the interface and the design can be saved in various formats like JPG or PDF. The drawback is that many people around the globe use similar designs or templates, however with creativity, you can add your own unique touch which will make your logo stand out from the rest.

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13. Logaster

Another great tool for designing or creating logos is Logaster. It is an efficient tool which makes it easy to automatically make logos and view variations of your logo choice. So, this ensures your logo looks best in the end. Moreover, you can save your logos to view and it is free to use too. The downloads are free for small-sized logos available on the website. However, you will have to be a small fee to download the full-sized logo.

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14. UCraft

Second last on our list is UCraft. It is obvious that you would’ve found an appropriate tool by now to meet your logo design needs, but UCraft is also worth considering. It is a website builder that offers free cloud hosting, web templates and much more. It has a free logo maker which is a bonus. You will only need to choose an icon, add business name and customize fonts and colors to make your own logo. It is a very simple process. Additionally, it comes with over 220,000 icons that you can incorporate in your design and then you can export high-quality PNG file for free.

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15. Free Logo Services

Free Logo Services allows thousands of design templates used by the users for logo design. These can be saved for free in the cloud. The process is typical; you will need to choose your industry and then enter text. Thereon, you can choose text-based logos, icons, initial or badge as your logo and then head on to customizing a font style according to your preference. After doing all this, you can save it or make custom edits too.

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