15 Best WebCam Windows Kits to Download in 2019

A WebCam is a highly demanded tool these days. This is because it is a necessity for all the streamers, vloggers, live gamers and many other people in general. A front camera on your smartphone or laptop is very much needed by these people for reasons such as making daily videos or making video calls to your loved ones.

Though you may find an ordinary webcam on a laptop, with the right software, the camera could do you wonders. To help you in finding the best webcam software for various purposes, we have compiled a list below for all the Windows users.

1. Debut Video Capture Software

This is not your average video recording software. Debut Video Capture Software is made for the purpose of screen capturing and recording that also has options for customizing video output from your webcam. It is a non-commercial tool. Moreover, it enables users to not only record videos from webcam, but also from other sources like screen, external devices, etc.

This software will let you capture videos in various formats too, including, WMV, FLV, MPG, MP4, etc. This makes it flexible as well as a convenient tool to use. You can record calls over webcam as well as the computer screen. Additionally, you can add text captions and time stamps on your recordings which can make your videos look very catchy. Also, you have the flexibility to change the color settings and add video effects before starting the recording.


2. ManyCam

ManyCam is a great free tool for recording computer’s screen while working or during a video chat using a webcam. In other words, you can screencast your computer screen. A great thing about it is that it has a YouTube integration that allows users to broadcast or stream videos from YouTube. With ManyCam, you can apply filters, change resolution or add effects easily.

Moreover, it supports IP camera streaming bringing you surveillance and security too. This means you can keep an eye on your home, office or even parking, making it a very useful software. You can also replace the background of your video stream with another image. Also, you can add cool effects like 3D masks, face accessories, background, text to your live video broadcast and much more. Lastly, it allows you to record video in 4k high quality without customizing settings in a complicated way.


3. Bandicam

Bandicam is a well-known brand for screen recording, but it also has a Bandicam Webcam Recorder. It is a professional tool that allows users to record videos from devices like USB webcam cameras, camcorders, and video capture cards. It allows you to stop recordings automatically by recorded file size and recording time. You can also capture webcam videos with audio as well as upload the recorded material to platforms like YouTube. Moreover, your files can be saved in multiple formats including MP4 and WAV.


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4. Yawcam

Another useful webcam software for Windows users is Yawcam. You might have already seen this everywhere on the internet. It is written in Java programming language and is easy to use. With a simple user interface, you will be surprised to see a great set of features it offers to users. It is free to use and using its features, you can enhance your recordings too. These features include taking images, detecting motion, video streaming, adding text, image overlays or creating time-lapse movies.

Also, along with with all these features, you can secure your images and videos with a password too, which an innovative thing about a webcam software. Using this tool, you can make recordings and at the same time, stream your video online directly which is great if you are making them for YouTube or Twitch.


5. SplitCam

SplitCam is known to be the best webcam software for Windows which allows users to customize their videos and recordings to the max. You can add various effects to your videos and replace your head with 3D objects. Moreover, you can add things to your images to make them seem more appealing. This software works well with different platforms including Skype, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Other than this, you can stream a video file, slideshow, use webcam and much more.


6. Fake Webcam

Fake Webcam is yet another great webcam software for Windows. It installs itself as a virtual webcam, however, works like a real webcam. You can customize your videos by adding effects or overlays on webcam too. The reason why it is called fake is that users can record video messages and play them as video chat at the time when they are chatting with friends on a video call too.

It is very straightforward and easy to use the software. It also supports picture in picture effect which makes it very useful. Moreover, it supports platforms like Skype, Hangouts, and more. It can be downloaded for trial before actually buying it. So, you should try this one out.


7. IP Camera Viewer

The main purpose of this efficient software is home surveillance. It is also one of the best webcam software to download for Windows. Using this, you can view live video from external drives or IP cameras on your PC. You can connect all surveillance cameras in your home and track them at the same time which makes it very useful. Moreover, you can improve the quality of the video by adjusting video settings like frame rate or resolution.

Additionally, you can tweak image properties like brightness, contrast, saturation and more. It also has a very simple user interface which is very easy to use. Lastly, it supports over four cameras at the same time so you can keep an eye on your entire house all the time.


8. CyberLink YouCam 7

A very popular and one of the best webcam software for Windows is CyberLink YouCam 7. It provides an amazing medium through which you can connect with your friends and family over video calls. With advanced effects like beautifying the face and 200 more fun effects on a video call, this tool should be your go-to. Its much like meeting ready for real-time virtual makeup, so this makes a perfect tool for females especially. You can also adjust brightness, contrast, and exposure along with an option to add personality to your video chats.

Moreover, you can record your video calls and can reap the benefit of tools like security enhancements in the form of face login and surveillance. It is an easy application to use in general that supports famous platforms like Skype, Handouts, U Meeting, etc.


9. MyCam

Another cool webcam tool to download would be MyCam. It allows users to record videos, take pictures and apply multiple filters and effects to your recordings. It has a simple interface and is easy to use. It also lets you share the content created with smartphones. A great thing about it is that a guide is provided at each step as to how to take pictures or record videos which makes it very useful. You can perform a few edits to make your images look stunning as well as capturing videos of special events.

However, saving your data can be a long process as a step-by step guide is given to do that which is pretty detailed. It syncs with devices, though which makes it handy. The drawback is that it does not have a lot of extra features like many other webcam software do.


10. ScreenFaceCam

ScreenFaceCam is a useful tool which can be used to video record the full desktop without using video generated from the webcam. You tend to see that on the right end with sound transmission selected in HD quality. A great feature of it is that it lets the onlooker shield the video screen capture by floating mouse over screen capture. It does that in a way that it becomes invisible to others while your social media pages like Facebook or Twitter pages are open. It makes screen sharing very simple and useful for users. All in all, it’s an app which is fast, easy to use, and highly responsible, though it may have some flaws. These include the features limited to only screen recording and screen sharing.


11. Logitech

A professional-level software, Logitech is known as the best service utility ranges for its webcam. Before you read on, it is important to note that it is compatible with Logitech USB cameras only, therefore offers various features for your webcam’s functionality to be at its best. Using this software, you can perform actions like clicking pictures or capturing recordings from the webcam along with recording movies, configure settings (white balance or resolution) and even post your work thereon on various social media sites.

Moreover, you can focus place and photo on a certain item manually too, activate the motion detector of the webcam and adjust the settings of it by making a few changes to the camera sensors. It is completely free to use, but you need to add its USB camera to make the best use of it.


12. Photo Booth Pro

Photo Booth Pro is a tool that is free of load and camera lag which is a common issue with webcams these days. It offers features like axial mirror effects, blur effects, distortion lenses and other artistic filters to express your creativity. Moreover, the software is not only zippy but also allows various mirror effects and filters which can be tested for real-time before heading on to recording the video.

Interestingly, there is a photo-strip feature which allows you to capture four images with different filters and organize them into a strip. You can tweak the layers later on too. Furthermore, you can either upload the images on OneDrive or save in JPG format in your PC. You also have the option to post them on social media right away.


13. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

You probably recognize this app very well now since we have discussed so much about it in other different articles. If you seek a fluid interface and a vast toolkit, then you can never go wrong with Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder. Its webcam would be an ideal choice for recording or capturing videos or clicking images. It’s home page has basic features only, but you can go to the settings menu to discover the tools it offers.

A good thing about it is that using this platform, you can save images in various formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, etc. Moreover, it is integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox so you can store your files over there too, apart from the option to share it directly on Vimeo or YouTube.


14. Camera for Windows 10

Keeping aside all the amazing tools discussed above, this one is by far the most convenient and useful for Windows users. This is not your ordinary Windows webcam, but it is the most recent iteration of Windows camera software. You’ll need to download it. The software has a very intuitive user interface and is a simple and efficient program to make good use of. It takes pictures and records videos easily, so you can expect your job to be done the right way using this.

However, there are limitations to this. There are very few settings as compared to other webcam tools available online. It will only serve as an alternative to your current camera and the software is only updated when a new operating system is coming out.


15. Free Webcam Capture

Lastly, we have on the list for you, Free Webcam Capture. It’s a basic and easy to use webcam software for Windows 10 users. It can let you record your entire screen or any specific part of it without any time restrictions. Speaking of formats, you can save your videos in six different formats including AVI, MOV, FLV, MPG, and WMV.

Moreover, you can share videos across various platforms and you can record audio as well as video simultaneously. If you’re a music-lover then you should know that you can set an audio track as the background music for your videos using this app. Not just that, you can also modify input source, volume or compression rates. It has a very user-friendly interface which makes it perfect for beginners to use it like a pro. Lastly, it is free to use as well, so definitely try this one out.