15 Best Data Recovery Software to Download

Got a software bug or virus in your hard disk? Or suddenly pressed the delete key which made your data get removed from your hard disk? We all know how it feels to lose your important data because of some unfortunate event. We’ve all been there. To most, getting that data back is nearly impossible and then you regret not having security or backup in your PC. Thanks to the progression of IT, we have a range of methods to solve the issue. Downloading data recovery software is one of the solutions.

There is a variety of data recovery software options available for you to download. To make it more convenient for you, we have a compiled list below of the top 15 data recovery software that you should definitely try if you’ve lost your data.

1. Recuva

It won’t come as a surprise to you when Recuva comes at the top of the listings whenever you search for data recovery software. It is the leading data recovery software because of the convenient features it offers, along with an easy user interface. One of the features is that it has the capacity to restore files from your hard disk, memory cards, external drives or even CDs/DVDs.

Moreover, it is easy to download, install and use. The best thing about this leading software is that it is absolutely free. However, as they say, the best things come with a catch and in this case, Recuva is only available for Windows users. It also comes with versions such as free and premium.


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2. Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery software definitely does a stellar job in helping you recover your files whether it’s on Windows or Mac. This software will help you recover photos, audio files, contacts, emails, videos, messages and even call history from different types of storage devices, for example, smartphones, hard disks or memory cards.

On top of that, it is very simple to use. Filled with advanced features, Stellar can help you recover your files quickly. It’s also particularly useful for non-techies and beginners. The only reason why it is not on the top of every list is that it’s not as free as the other software alternatives.


3. TestDisk

Amongst the many free options available for data recovery software, TestDisk is also one of them. It is open-source software. This software can recover your files from memory cards, digital cameras, etc. Although it may take more time for deeper scan for deleted partitions.

With this software, you can recover and even fix deleted partition table. It can be run on Windows as well as macOS and Linux. However, TestDisk can be a bit complicated to use for some users as there are some technicalities to it.


4. Undelete 360

Built on a fast, yet effective algorithm, undelete 360 allows users to undelete files. The appearance of the software is of a typical Microsoft Office application because of a blue color theme. Like other data recovery software options, undelete 360 also works well with a variety of devices including memory cards, smartphones, hard disk, cameras, and USBs. It comes with a Hex Viewer, so this way, you can preview files before recovering them. It also includes a data-wiping tool. Moreover, it recovers a range of type of files such as DOC, HTML, MP3, JPG, GIF.

Although it is free to use for Windows users, it is not available for others yet. Also, the scanning speed is slow with lots of lag. This software is quite time-consuming as compared to the other options.


5. Pandora Recovery

Another very good and reliable option for the best free data recovery software is Pandora Recovery. Feature-Rich software that allows users to recover the lost or deleted files from NTFS and FAT-formatted volumes. You can even preview deleted files (only image and text). It has a surface scan which makes it easier to recover encrypted, hidden or compressed files. It is easy to use with recovery percentage indicators. It can also be made portable.

The downside to this software is that the file detection not that reliable and needs to be modified. It is only available for Windows and not others.


6. Wise Data Recovery

From the WiseClean family, this is a brilliant freeware. Though due to its simplicity, it lacks rich features and customization but does the job perfectly. This software allows you to recover your files from various devices such as hard disk, external hard drive, USB drive and is quite intuitive. It has a quick scanning process which is easy to use and has multiple languages available for use. With faster search option through inbuilt file extension groups, it can be very convenient for you to find the specific file type. However, the fact that a large percentage of files remain unrecoverable is a flaw that many users will find. Also, there is no deep scan capability which may not actually recover many of your important files. It is important to note that it only available on Windows.


7. Disk Drill

Looking for a more efficient and powerful free file recovery software? Then this is the one for you. Disk Drill is similar to Stellar in a sense that it has scanning options such as deep or quick scan. It helps you to recover your lost or deleted files from various devices too. Furthermore, it can identify the file system and restore data in that only. However, this too is an option available only for Windows OS versions.


8. PhotoRec

PhotoRec makes a very good data recovery software covering so many features including, recovery of videos, archives, and documents, working with hard drive or CDs, enabling you to recover deleted or lost images from digital camera’s memory. It is open-source, free software tool. Moreover, it supports Windows, Linux, macOS and many others which is a plus point. PhotoRec can recover data even if it is badly damaged or reformatted which is a very common case for many. However, it does not have a graphic interface.


9. SoftPerfect File Recovery

Another good option for data recovery is SoftPerfect File Recovery. It is easy to use for beginners and it can recover files from memory cards, hard drives, etc. Any device except DVD/CD drive is supported. It lets you restore more than one file at the same time. It is portable in a sense that it is only 500KB so it can be run from a USB drive or floppy disk. Almost all Windows versions are supported, but unfortunately, it is not available for other than Windows. Also, you cannot preview the file before restoring it so that can lead to unnecessary files being restored in your PC.


10. Restoration

This one is very much similar to other software options mentioned in this list. The best thing about it is that it is very simple to recover the files. There are no complicated procedures or rulings to follow. Similar to other software options, Restoration can also recover files from USBs, hard drives, memory cards, etc. Moreover, it is small and requires no setup which allows flexibility for it to be run using a USB or floppy disk. It is free to use; however, some users have reported that it does not work on Windows 8. It does work only on some Windows such as XP, Vista, 98, 95, 10 and 7.


11. Puran File Recovery

This option is similar to Stellar, though there are 3 scan modes for recovering data instead of 2, in this one. These are known as, default quick scan, deep scan, and full scan. It is also free and the quality of the restored files remain. It is a convenient option for all Windows users since it works from XP to 8.


12. PC Inspector File Recovery

This is another very good option for data recovery software working on both FAT and NTFS drive systems. The search features can locate files by the names easily. Being convenient for all Windows versions, it can work on local as well as network drives. It is free to use and supports multiple languages. It organizes recovered files by placing them in a particular structure with the original date. However, since it is an advanced tool and is quite complex to use, it is not recommended much. Also, the interface isn’t that attractive either.


13. EaseUS Data Recovery

Consisting of various functionalities, EaseUS is a very good option for data recovery. It works for accidentally deleted files, formatted recovery, virus attack, hard drive damage and lost partition recovery. It can recover data from PC, hard drive, camera, pen drive, video player, etc. It also supports about 1000 file types so your data can be recovered easily. However, it requires 32 MB of space.


14. Orion File Recovery Software

This is a free file recovery software and is similar to the others listed above. You can scan for file types, such as documents, music or videos. The search function is excellent where you can scan any attached hard drive whether it is internal or external. You can also see the recovery potential of each type of file. Moreover, it can also delete data permanently. However, the drawback is that the setup installs unnecessary programs. It works with Windows operating systems.


15. TOKIWA Data Recovery

Lastly, TOKIWA is also a good option for data recovery because of its ease of use. It consists of a single program window where you can scan for your files, sort them and recover them. It is less complicated than others. Like others, it can also recover files from memory cards, hard drives, USBs and external drives. Another benefit of it is that it is a portable tool which is suitable for USB or floppy disk. TOKIWA supports Windows operating system. Also, the program’s interface is not so attractive.