Why You Should Use Android Studio – Built On JetBrains Intellij IDEA

What Does Android Studio mean and why you should use?

Android Studio is basically an official integrated development environment (IDE) for Google’s Android Platform launched various versions that are compatible with some Apple, Windows and Linux operating systems. It has an ample tool kit for developing Android applications or other softwares with the help of Google Cloud Platform and Google App Integration. The tool-kit is loaded with plenty of features that would help developers to design numerous Android mobile applications and softwares. Since, 2013, it has become an integral part of Android development which rises with every passing day.

In other words, we can say that Android Studio is fundamentally a platform for web engineers who offers various services to its clients by developing diverse range of apps and softwares. And all these Android development projects are blended with exceptional features. Not only the tools & features, but the apps and softwares comes along with a great methodology that justifies the needs of Android users.

The Google’s Android operating system initially announced on May 16th, 2013 at the Google I/O conference. After launching, the very first version titled (0.1) was released in the year 2014. Later on, moved to a beta version which started from version- 0.8- released in the month of June, 2014. After its tremendous success, Google Android operating system released several versions based on a complete series. Since 7th May 2019, kotlin is Google’s preferred language used for Android app development. Alongside, other languages are supported, including by Android Studio.

However, Android development Apps Company aims to focus on designing innovative strategies along with exclusive features and its benefits to bring some ease for their clients. Android Studio gives you a faster deployment of fresh builds, accurate programming, faster analysis, along with more accurate outcomes. Also, it offers newly introduced emulator which is three times faster than predecessor. Apart from this, it is blended with a lots of tools, features, easy and quick installations, drag& drop options, zoom in or out, multi-touch actions, and much more. Android Studio is considered as authorized platform which allows developers to check the similarity and execution of an application on a wide scope of physical Android gadgets from inside Android Studio. Advancing is a significant segment of the application promoting, and Android Studio 2.0takes it to another high. The App Indexing highlight accessible in the IDE helps in making and adding indexable URL connects to the application. Promoting is an important component of the app marketing, and Android Studio 2.0 takes it to a new high. The App Indexing feature available in the IDE helps in creating and adding indexable URL links to the app.

One of the exclusive benefit which is more obliging and helpful to design an app with the help of Android Studio is its fast deployment- that carrying steady changes to a current application code or asset is presently simpler and quicker. Because of Instant Run. Code changes can be seen in the emulator or physical gadget on ongoing without restarting the application or building another APK (Android Application Package record) unfailingly. We guess, this one is incredibly amazing which makes it unique among all.

This article serves the purpose of guiding users to give a better understanding over today’s theme- Android Studio. This information is reliable and taken from different resources to enlighten you about the significance and benefits of using Android Studio. This platform will give you a real fulfilment with a great experience of using it.

Android Studio provides a secure platform where developers can prepare various applications and softwares that you can use for different purposes.

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