Change System Desktop Icons on Your Windows 10 PC

How to Change System Desktop Icons on Windows10

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Long before the Windows 10 launched, users always liked to change their desktop’s icon, regardless of the operating system they were using. And Microsoft, for one, has always allowed their users to change the look of the desktop icons throughout their previous generation of Windows.

Windows 10 is no different in this regard. If you were out on the lookout of how to change the system desktop icons on the Windows 10, then you’re at the right place.

In the previous version of Windows, the process of changing the system icons was as simple as a right-click. However, things have changed a bit for the Windows 10.

Here’s how you can change the desktop icons on Windows 10.


Firstly, to get the icons on your desktop, open up your Windows 10 PC’s settings and type in the following: desktop icons. Hit enter after typing. Notice while you’re typing, an option of ‘Themes and related settings’ appear. Take a look:

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After selecting the option, this window will pop-up:

C:\Users\khihot.timeoffice\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (21).png

Over here, you need to select the option saying ‘Desktop icon settings’ underneath the Related Settings heading. When you select that, this is what you’ll see:

C:\Users\khihot.timeoffice\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (22).png

There you have it. You’re good to go now. Make sure the option to ‘Allow themes to change desktop icons’ is checked. Now, you may select change icon be selecting which system desktop icon you desire to change.

As an example, we have selected ‘This PC’ and hit the change icon option, a small window with a bunch of relevant icons will appear for you to change, customize, or remove. It’s entirely up to you. This is what the small icon window will look like:

Here’s another example for the Network desktop icon:

C:\Users\khihot.timeoffice\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (24).png

Notice how each system desktop icon can be changed and the replacement icons displayed are similar to your desired choosing. For instance, for network icon, you will see similar variations including some old-school icons from prevous version of Windows to add a little Nostalgia element.

We’ve messed around quite a lot with our system icons and now, you guys will be able to do it as well.

Hope you guys found this article useful.

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