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Minotaur Maze 1.0

ZeoWorks - 23.14MB (Free)

Download Minotaur Maze Free version PC software which is listed under Games Action category and it requires 23.14MB free disk storage to install.

License: Free

Op. System: Windows

Requires Windows: XP and up

Category: Action

Language: English

Author: ZeoWorks

Security level: 93% safe

Size: 23.14MB

Downloads: 17,245

Date: 01.22.14

Signature (MD5): e4c2e8edac362acab7123654b9e73432



so many fighting games are being developed with many innovative features in them, each one is different from other in some of its features. Minotaur Maze is a game to test your skills, it is a platform where players have to escape from a labyrinth before the get caught by minotaur which finishes them off. 


in this game how much a players tries hard but he has no chance of winning a fight against the minotaur, so the only option left is to run to escape from its attacks because The game is over immediately if the minotaur reaches you. So all a players need to do is to be safe from it to continue the game. 


Before starting the game, user can select the dimensions of the labyrinth. The bigger it is in size it will be more difficult to escape from it, and definitely it will be easier for the minotaur to find you. And finish your game


other than he single-player mode, players can also play Minotaur Maze with other online by internet. The two online game modes allow you to either coordinate with another player to escape, or to take the role of the minotaur and try to catch the other player to finish his game, playing online is more fun to play.

Precisely is a very fun game of skill, especially when played in multi-player mode. It can get a little boring and time wasting when you play it on your own, but it's always fun to try and defeat artificial intelligence techniques.


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