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HomeGuard Activity Monitor 1.9.8

Veridium Software - 3.16MB (Trial)

Download HomeGuard Activity Monitor Trial version PC software which is listed under Utilities Security category and it requires 3.16MB free disk storage to install.

License: Trial

Op. System: Windows

Requires Windows: XP and up

Category: Blocking

Language: English

Author: Veridium Software

Security level: 91% safe

Size: 3.16MB

Downloads: 1,907

Date: 04.28.15

Signature (MD5): f71916023196ff94ff3f4199a661141d


HomeGuard Activity Monitor is an advanced computer monitoring software, it is designed for parents who want to stop their kids from accessing unappropriated site, games or over usage of the computer. It is designed, so parents can keep eyes on their kids and watch there online or offline activity.

Some of their key features include:

Porn filter

HomeGuard automatically block all porn sites when you first install it, HomeGuard block content based on the content of website not just by its name, as well as it blocks those content which you have defined in the list. You can’t trick HomeGuard by using proxy / VPN to visit pornographic site or blocked website because HomeGuard won’t let you access it.

Website Blocking

Block access to websites in predefined “Block” and “Allow” list and blocking all other websites. HomeGuard recorded details includes time spent on each website and using which software but as mentioned before no program will work to all access to any pornographic websites.

Time and event based screenshot

HomeGuard takes a screenshot of the monitor at predefined interval and times of day and weeks. As default, it will take screenshot of monitor after every 10 minutes everyday but it can also takes screenshot after every 2 seconds as well. It can also take screenshots on special evens like when a website is visited or if a keyword is found, a message or Email is sent or received, when a program is started, file is printed.

Restrict program/games

HomeGuard lets you set timer on any program, once you set the program it won’t let it run more then it has been setup for. This feature is really good for addictive gamers or on social media sites. Programs that has been restricted can’t be open by renaming the files or moving it to anyother directory.

USB storage media monitoring and blocking

Either monitor or block removable media (e.g thumb drive, flask drives, CD, External hardrive etc.) it is usually useful for protecting against viruses, spyware or unappropriated movies.

File monitoring and blocking

HomeGuard also monitor moving or files, deleting or renaming of files. It won’t let anyone change, update, or delete files that has been blocked.


HomeGuard Activity Monitor Trial HomeGuard Activity Monitor Trial HomeGuard Activity Monitor Trial HomeGuard Activity Monitor Trial
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