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Visual Entertainment - 509.84MB (Free)

Download GearCity Free version PC software which is listed under Games Strategy category and it requires 509.84MB free disk storage to install.

License: Free

Op. System: Windows

Requires Windows: XP and up

Category: Strategy

Language: English

Author: Visual Entertainment

Size: 509.84MB

Downloads: 7,597

Date: 01.13.15

Signature (MD5): df95c1169016d91d6f8aa8f2c33ce658


GearCity OpenBeta 1.17 is an order, strategic and management game where the user will have to lead their own automobile company and controlling all the different parts and shares of the assembly line that produces your vehicles. It offers the player the ability to a whole new experience on how to manage an automobile manufacturing company.

The beginning of this game, you have to select a number of very significant initial factors. Firstly you have to select the city where you start your business venture. It offers you to choose between any of the five continents and lots of different countries.

Once you chose that where you want to start your business, you want a name for your businessman and most importantly a name and a logo for the company. Unlike any other tycoon game, this game does this in a very historically genuine and convincing economic simulator. Which means that this game is more complex and difficult than any otherand most of the games of this genre. So once you have chosen all of them, now you can sit in your office and start leading the company. 

In this game you will have to control a numerous amount of different factors ranging from starting factories and assembly lines in diverse parts of the world to designing the vehicles that you will be selling.

It is a full-featured policy game that has so many different options that you might feel speechless and stunned. Though, you need to have a little bit of patience and review the tutorial, to be able to generate an automobile company that is successful and popular all around the world.


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