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Encrypt My Information 10.0

F-Key Solutions - 1.89MB (Trial)

Download Encrypt My Information Trial version PC software which is listed under Utilities Security category and it requires 1.89MB free disk storage to install.

License: Trial

Op. System: Windows

Category: Encryption

Language: English

Author: F-Key Solutions

Security level: 98% safe

Size: 1.89MB

Downloads: 1,896

Date: 02.02.13

Signature (MD5): 43a1437f7f656cd8be7c996c58719e0a


Encrypt My Information 10.0 is an application that process the scrambling information and making it unreadable to protect it from unauthorized access. Encryption is based on some ancient art of cryptography that uses computers and some algorithms to turn the plain text into an unreadable and jumbled code. When your information is encrypted, to decrypt that cipher text into that plain text so then you need a password or encryption key (series of bits which decodes the text) to make it readable again. So the key is something that only you and the intended recipient has to decode the sent text.

Whereas, encrypting your PC and mobile devices (desktop) is the most operative and very effective way to keep your personal information secure. Because devices can be replaceable but your personal/private information is not.

Computers are proficient to break the encrypted code by guessing the encryption key, but this could take a very, very long time. Security breaches can effects; a lot of time is wasted, money, and stress, and can also harm.

It is one of the most powerful ways to keep all your data safe, though it is not impenetrable, but it restrict hackers, even if your data does end up getting stolen or taken, it would always be unreadable and nearly useless.

Basically, the data is encrypted always either

  • In transit (meaning it’s moving via email, in apps, or through browsers and other web connections)
  • At rest (when data is stored in databases, the cloud, computer hard drives, or mobile devices)

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