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Have you ever wonder what it’s like to share files from your PC while you are not on your PC. It is really necessary to have remote networking in professional or working environments. For example, in working environment, you won’t have to give 1 separate printer to all employees (because it can cost the company) but having remote desktop environment can make it a lot easy for the company as well as the employees. The employees will be provided with the network IP for the main campus printer and send the file prints right from the their PC.

Just like the example, a remote desktop Windows 10 is very cool when you want to share your computer files to someone without having to access your PC at all. That means, it could be a lot advantageous to access files on your PC while you’re not actually on your PC.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is the system which makes it possible. Remote Desktop for Windows 10 computer software makes it possible for a Windows 10 PC.

Remote Desktop for Windows 10 (Safe & secure)

Remote Desktop for Windows 10 will definitely help you to enable remote connection in between 2 PCs. One remote connection for host and the other one will be known as remote client.

Where remote host connection is you (your PC) while the remote client is the other PC which is accessing your PC from the other end. The settings should be made on host PC that will allow client PC to connect it remotely.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Features

  • Access remote PCs running Windows Professional or Enterprise and Windows Server
  • Connect remotely through a Remote Desktop Gateway
  • Access remote resources published by your IT admin
  • Secure connection to your data and applications
  • Rich multi-touch experience supporting Windows gestures
  • High quality video and audio streaming
  • Simple management of your connections from the connection center
  • Connect from your phone or using Continuum for Phone

System requirements

  • RAM 2 GB
  • Size: 751.31 KB – 51.86 MB
  • 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1

Download Remote Desktop for Windows 10

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