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Burn and Turn

Robot Bear - 40.24MB (Free)

Download Burn and Turn Free version PC software which is listed under Games Arcade category and it requires 40.24MB free disk storage to install.

License: Free

Op. System: Windows

Requires Windows: XP and up

Category: Arcade

Language: English

Author: Robot Bear

Security level: 93% safe

Size: 40.24MB

Downloads: 507

Date: 03.28.13

Signature (MD5): d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e


Burn and Turn is an arcade-style action game in which you will play the role of a monster fire-breathing dragon throughout the game you will be killing, capturing and looting the opponents. You capture the wondering princesses, and your goal is to defend every castle tower on your screen and defeat every opponent in your way. 

Along the way, you come across a lot of power-ups to boost your power in burn and turn game. This power boost is temporary so make sure you utilize it to your benefit before it vanishes. If you couldn’t stop the knights from reaching your castle, then they will destroy it causing you to lose.

There are a few things one needs to keep in mind to get the most of it. 

Firstly your dragon doesn’t have the unlimited fire to breathe, it needs to refresh every once in a while, so you have to be intelligent with your shooting game.

Secondly its surprisingly strategical, you cannot get away with just killing the knights or capturing princesses. One has to be intelligent with his decisions too. The Decision whether to fly to get power-ups or stay back to defend castles is an important one.

Burn and Turn is easy to play & free to download. It only requires a fraction over 40 MB of your disk space.


Burn and Turn Free Burn and Turn Free Burn and Turn Free Burn and Turn Free Burn and Turn Free
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