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Battlefield 4 Wallpaper

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Download Battlefield 4 Wallpaper Free version PC software which is listed under Desktop Wallpapers category and it requires 315KB free disk storage to install.

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Date: 04.01.13

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The battlefield4 is the one person shooting game, which has been created by EA DICE and published by the Electronic Arts. The director of the game is Lars Gustavsson and Stefan strandberg are accompanied by the best designers Aleksander grondal and Tobias dahl.

The story is fiction based on the war of 2020, which was held after the 6 years of main events of predecessors.  Main concept is revolve around the severe conflict between the Russia and the United state which will than include china in it and created the whole new scenario of war among them. The beginning of the game is starts from the scene of New York City events. Further in the next stages the scenes includes form Baku, Azerbaijan, Shanghai, Singapore and several other countries. Some of the main characters, in the whole story revolves are Tombstone, Garrison and Recker.

The best point about the Battlefield 4 is that the single player campaign has several main differences as compare to the multiplayer component. Advance vehicles such as tanks and boats will also available which enhance the modes of the game.

Battlefiled4 is available at Play station 3, 4 and you can also play it on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


Battlefield 4 Wallpaper Free
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